​If you have lost, misplaced or forgotten an item(s) in the areas listed below, please contact the corresponding number.

Kindly note that the ‘lost and found’ process is handled by Jordanian authorities.

Kindly note that unclaimed items are held for one month only (subject to Jordanian regulations).


For official documents (passports, driving permits, etc.) and items lost in public areas and outside the Passenger Terminal (parking lots, curbside, Meeters and Greeters Halls, etc.) - please contact the QAIA Police Station at +962-6-445-2681 or the Criminal Investigation Department at +962-6-445-2561.

For valuables, money, jewelry, cigarettes, alcohol bottles and items lost inside the Passenger Terminal (Check-In Area or any other restricted area such as Immigration/Emigration Halls, Food and Beverage Area, Boarding Gate Areas, Customs Area and Baggage Claim Area) - please contact the CCTV Department at +962-791508982, or at lostandfoundoffice688@gmail.com

Excess baggage weight intentionally and willingly discarded by the passenger at the Check-In Area is disposed of immediately and is not retrievable.

Prohibited items (sharp tools, knives and scissors, oil, food, lighters, sprays and fragile items) confiscated at security checkpoints are not retrievable.