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  • Queen Alia International Airport Wins ‘Best Airport by Size and Region: Middle East’en/Lists/SliderMessage/1_.000Amman, March 2019: In acknowledgement of its consistent delivery of an outstanding customer experience during 2018, Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) was recognized by the Airports Council International (ACI) 2018 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards. QAIA has succeeded again in claiming the title of ‘Best Airport by Size and Region: Middle East’ for airports that serve five to 15 million passengers. The official ASQ Awards Ceremony is scheduled to take place between 2 and 5 September in Bali, Indonesia - as part of the second ASQ Forum and ACI Customer Experience Global Summit. The announcement was made during a media roundtable organized by Airport International Group and attended by a host of local media representatives. “Winning this prestigious accolade is a true reflection of our commitment to continuously enhancing the quality of services extended at QAIA and providing our passengers with a positive travel experience, whether it be through improved facilities, expedited procedures or passenger offerings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, stakeholders and employees for their unwavering support, as we continue to reach greater heights of success in the future and further reaffirm QAIA’s stance as the Kingdom’s prime gateway to the world,” stated Airport International Group CEO, Kjeld Binger. Released on 6 March, 2019, the ASQ Survey results were collected by measuring passenger views on 34 key performance indicators at participating airports, including aspects such as check-in, security, wayfinding, food and beverage, among others. Since its creation in 2006, the ASQ Survey has become the world’s leading airport passenger satisfaction benchmark, covering over 390 airports across 90 countries and available in 48 languages./en/about-us/Pages/airport-awards.aspx

AirlineAirlineFromFlight NumberScheduledEstimatedGateStatusDetails
MSREgypt AirCairoMS73920/01/2020 00:4020/01/2020 00:36120ArrivedMore
PGTPegasus AirlinesAntalyaPC180020/01/2020 01:1520/01/2020 01:04226ArrivedMore
AEEAegean AirlineAthensA394020/01/2020 02:0520/01/2020 01:39228ArrivedMore
RJARoyal JordanianBaghdadRJ81720/01/2020 02:1520/01/2020 01:47124ArrivedMore
THYTurkish AirlinesIstanbulTK81420/01/2020 03:0520/01/2020 02:58214ArrivedMore
ROTTaromBucharestRO18720/01/2020 03:1020/01/2020 03:10CancelledMore
RJARoyal JordanianHong KongRJ18320/01/2020 04:4020/01/2020 04:45106On timeMore
RJARoyal JordanianErbilRJ82520/01/2020 06:0020/01/2020 06:00124On timeMore
RJARoyal JordanianNajaf IraqRJ84320/01/2020 06:0020/01/2020 06:00130On timeMore
RJARoyal JordanianMedinaRJ72320/01/2020 07:2020/01/2020 07:20126On timeMore
AirlineAirlineToFlight NumberScheduledEstimatedGateStatusDetails
RJARoyal JordanianBangkokRJ18020/01/2020 02:2520/01/2020 02:38106DepartedMore
THYTurkish AirlinesIstanbulTK81520/01/2020 02:3520/01/2020 02:35220DepartedMore
DLHLufthansaFrankfurtLH69320/01/2020 02:4020/01/2020 02:43208DepartedMore
PGTPegasus AirlinesAntalyaPC180120/01/2020 02:5020/01/2020 02:46226DepartedMore
RJARoyal JordanianBasraRJ83020/01/2020 03:0020/01/2020 03:02124DepartedMore
AEEAegean AirlineAthensA394120/01/2020 03:1520/01/2020 03:15228On timeMore
ROTTaromBucharestRO18820/01/2020 03:5520/01/2020 03:55CancelledMore
RJARoyal JordanianBaghdadRJ81020/01/2020 04:2020/01/2020 04:20130BoardingMore
MSREgypt AirCairoMS74020/01/2020 04:3520/01/2020 04:35120On timeMore
RJARoyal JordanianAqabaRJ30420/01/2020 06:0520/01/2020 06:051On timeMore


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