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  • Queen Alia International Airport Awarded First Place in ‘Best Airport by Size and Region: Middle East’ Category for Third Consecutive Yearen/Lists/SliderMessage/1_.000Amman, March 2021: For the third consecutive year and the fourth time in its history, Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) has been awarded the title of ‘Best Airport by Size and Region: Middle East’ for airports serving 5 to 15 million passengers based on the 2020 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Survey. This achievement, presented by Airports Council International (ACI) World, marks the highest possible accolade for airport operators worldwide. As further testament to the commitment of Airport International Group to gathering passenger feedback through the benchmarking ASQ program despite last year’s significant challenges, QAIA was recently recognized by ‘The Voice of the Customer’ - an ACI World initiative acknowledging airports that continued to prioritize listening and engaging with their passengers during the COVID-19 crisis. QAIA shares this new form of recognition with only two other airports in the Middle East and 139 worldwide. To qualify for the ‘The Voice of the Customer’ - which is separate from the world-renowned ASQ Awards - Airport International Group succeeded in collecting the program’s required data to help better understand passenger expectations during the pandemic. http://www.aig.aero/en/content/queen-alia-international-airport-awarded-first-place-best-airport-size-and-region-middle

AirlineAirlineFromFlight NumberScheduledEstimatedGateStatusDetails
RJARoyal JordanianErbilRJ82526/09/2022 07:0026/09/2022 06:11222Baggage DeliveredMore
RJARoyal JordanianJeddahRJ70526/09/2022 07:0526/09/2022 07:01126ArrivedMore
RJARoyal JordanianMedinaRJ72326/09/2022 08:0026/09/2022 07:20NRAApproachingMore
MSREgypt AirCairoMS71926/09/2022 09:0026/09/2022 09:00216EarlyMore
RJARoyal JordanianCairoRJ50826/09/2022 09:0026/09/2022 09:00NRAEarlyMore
AirlineAirlineToFlight NumberScheduledEstimatedGateStatusDetails
RJARoyal JordanianAqabaRJ30426/09/2022 06:3526/09/2022 06:281DepartedMore
THYTurkish AirlinesIstanbulTK81526/09/2022 06:4526/09/2022 06:45208DepartedMore
RJARoyal JordanianCairoRJ50126/09/2022 06:5026/09/2022 06:52104DepartedMore
RJARoyal JordanianDubaiRJ61026/09/2022 08:0026/09/2022 08:00222On Time More
UNOUnited NationsSanaaUNO19626/09/2022 08:0026/09/2022 08:0014On Time More


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