Arrivals Schedule

This information is automatically updated by your airline. If in doubt, you should always check the status of your flight with your airline.
E.g., 2015-02-28
Flight NumberFromScheduledEstimatedStatus
RJ 502Cairo2015-02-28 11:302015-02-28 11:50Arrived
SV 631Jeddah2015-02-28 12:002015-02-28 12:14Arrived
KU 561Kuwait2015-02-28 12:102015-02-28 11:46Arrived
RJ 134Larnaca2015-02-28 12:102015-02-28 12:03Arrived
LN 284Benghazi2015-02-28 12:402015-02-28 14:00Arrived
XY 634Jeddah2015-02-28 12:402015-02-28 12:49Arrived
XY 622Riyadh2015-02-28 12:452015-02-28 12:47Arrived
RJ 62Baghdad2015-02-28 13:002015-02-28 13:00On time
GF 975Bahrain2015-02-28 13:152015-02-28 13:15Cancelled
RJ 733Riyadh2015-02-28 13:302015-02-28 13:12Arrived
ME 314Beirut2015-02-28 14:252015-02-28 14:14Arrived
IA 177Erbil 2015-02-28 14:302015-02-28 14:30On time
SV 633Riyadh2015-02-28 14:302015-02-28 14:30On time
QR 400Doha2015-02-28 14:402015-02-28 15:23Delayed
UF 781Kiev2015-02-28 14:402015-02-28 14:40On time
EY 515Abu Dhabi2015-02-28 14:502015-02-28 15:07Delayed
IA 163Baghdad2015-02-28 15:002015-02-28 15:00On time
RJ 611Dubai2015-02-28 15:152015-02-28 15:15On time
EK 903Dubai2015-02-28 15:302015-02-28 15:30On time
RJ 166Istanbul2015-02-28 16:452015-02-28 16:45On time
RJ 504Cairo2015-02-28 16:452015-02-28 16:45On time
RJ 264Chicago2015-02-28 16:552015-02-28 16:55On time
IA 181Sulaimaniya2015-02-28 17:302015-02-28 17:30On time
RL 401Najaf Iraq2015-02-28 17:302015-02-28 17:30
RJ 703Jeddah2015-02-28 17:352015-02-28 17:35On time
ME 312Beirut2015-02-28 18:002015-02-28 18:00On time
MS 701Cairo2015-02-28 18:152015-02-28 18:15On time
LH 692Frankfurt2015-02-28 18:202015-02-28 18:20On time
RJ 621Abu Dhabi2015-02-28 18:552015-02-28 18:55On time
AF 3840Paris Charles de Gaulle2015-02-28 19:052015-02-28 19:05On time
RJ 124Munich2015-02-28 19:202015-02-28 19:20On time
RJ 102Rome2015-02-28 19:352015-02-28 19:35On time
RJ 813Baghdad2015-02-28 19:402015-02-28 19:40On time
RJ 122Berlin2015-02-28 19:452015-02-28 19:45On time
GF 973Bahrain2015-02-28 19:502015-02-28 19:50On time
RJ 518Algiers2015-02-28 20:052015-02-28 20:05On time
RJ 731Riyadh2015-02-28 20:152015-02-28 20:15On time
XY 624Riyadh2015-02-28 20:152015-02-28 20:15On time
G9 339Sharjah2015-02-28 20:302015-02-28 20:30On time
J9 238Kuwait2015-02-28 20:302015-02-28 20:30On time
FZ 143Dubai2015-02-28 20:402015-02-28 20:40On time
AH 4064Algiers2015-02-28 21:152015-02-28 21:15On time
RJ 126Frankfurt2015-02-28 21:152015-02-28 21:15On time
RJ 647Doha2015-02-28 21:252015-02-28 21:25On time
BA 147London2015-02-28 21:452015-02-28 21:45On time
RJ 110Madrid2015-02-28 22:002015-02-28 22:00On time
RJ 406Beirut2015-02-28 22:002015-02-28 22:00On time
RY 506Cairo2015-02-28 22:002015-02-28 22:00On time
RJ 118Paris Charles de Gaulle2015-02-28 22:102015-02-28 22:10On time
RJ 149Zurich2015-02-28 22:102015-02-28 22:10On time
RJ 641Kuwait2015-02-28 22:152015-02-28 22:15On time
RJ 152Amsterdam2015-02-28 22:252015-02-28 22:25On time
RJ 112London2015-02-28 22:402015-02-28 22:40On time
Z4 5300Erbil 2015-02-28 22:452015-02-28 22:45On time
RJ 0341Tel Aviv2015-02-28 22:552015-02-28 22:55On time
RJ 741Dammam2015-02-28 22:552015-02-28 22:55On time
RJ 303Aqaba2015-02-28 23:052015-02-28 23:05On time
TK 812Istanbul2015-02-28 23:202015-02-28 23:20On time
EK 905Dubai2015-02-28 23:402015-02-28 23:40On time
RJ 0615Dubai2015-03-01 00:052015-03-01 00:05On time
MS 739Cairo2015-03-01 00:352015-03-01 00:35On time
RJ 408Beirut2015-03-01 01:002015-03-01 01:00On time
RJ 52London2015-03-01 01:052015-03-01 01:05On time
RJ 701Jeddah2015-03-01 02:052015-03-01 02:05On time
EY 511Abu Dhabi2015-03-01 02:302015-03-01 02:30On time
RO 187Bucharest2015-03-01 02:352015-03-01 02:35On time
RJ 5733Riyadh2015-03-01 02:552015-03-01 02:55On time
TK 814Istanbul2015-03-01 03:552015-03-01 03:55On time
RJ 673Sanaa2015-03-01 05:102015-03-01 05:10Cancelled
RJ 183Bangkok2015-03-01 05:152015-03-01 05:15On time
RJ 823Erbil 2015-03-01 05:152015-03-01 05:15On time
RJ 723Medina2015-03-01 06:352015-03-01 06:35On time
FZ 147Dubai2015-03-01 07:552015-03-01 07:55On time
RJ 511Khartoum2015-03-01 08:152015-03-01 08:15On time
RJ 643Kuwait2015-03-01 08:252015-03-01 08:25On time
RJ 705Jeddah2015-03-01 08:252015-03-01 08:25On time
RJ 343Tel Aviv2015-03-01 08:302015-03-01 08:30On time
RJ 623Abu Dhabi2015-03-01 08:452015-03-01 08:45On time
EA 704Baghdad2015-03-01 09:002015-03-01 09:00On time
EK 901Dubai2015-03-01 09:152015-03-01 09:15On time
RJ 301Aqaba2015-03-01 09:152015-03-01 09:15On time
RJ 508Cairo2015-03-01 09:152015-03-01 09:15On time
RJ 801Sulaimaniya2015-03-01 09:152015-03-01 09:15On time
ME 310Beirut2015-03-01 09:202015-03-01 09:20On time
MS 719Cairo2015-03-01 09:202015-03-01 09:20On time
RJ 613Dubai2015-03-01 09:302015-03-01 09:30On time
RJ 811Baghdad2015-03-01 09:352015-03-01 09:35On time
RJ 134Larnaca2015-03-01 09:452015-03-01 09:45On time
EY 513Abu Dhabi2015-03-01 09:552015-03-01 09:55On time
G9 337Sharjah2015-03-01 10:002015-03-01 10:00On time
RJ 831Basra2015-03-01 10:202015-03-01 10:20On time
8U 604Misurata2015-03-01 11:002015-03-01 11:00On time
GF 971Bahrain2015-03-01 11:002015-03-01 11:00On time
RJ 502Cairo2015-03-01 11:302015-03-01 11:30On time
SV 631Jeddah2015-03-01 12:002015-03-01 12:00On time
KU 561Kuwait2015-03-01 12:102015-03-01 12:10On time
IY 650Aden2015-03-01 13:002015-03-01 13:00On time
FZ 141Dubai2015-03-01 13:102015-03-01 13:10On time
GF 975Bahrain2015-03-01 13:152015-03-01 13:15Cancelled
RJ 733Riyadh2015-03-01 13:302015-03-01 13:30On time
R5 1912Baghdad2015-03-01 14:002015-03-01 14:00