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Banks,ATMs & Exchange
As each bank has its own ATM machine in the same location. AJIB (provide currency exchange)
  1. In front of RJ Check-in counters.
  2. Booth in the Central Area after Immigration.
  3. In the south pier Gates.
  4. Passport Control for arrivals.
  5. Public landside- Arrivals
  Arab Bank Public landside- Arrivals Tel: +962 799002974- 799002973
Working Hours
First Shift: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Second Shift: 3:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  HBTF Public landside- Arrivals  
  Bank of Jordan Public landside- Arrivals  

Global Exchange

(Providing currency exchange services - No ATMs available)

1. Check in - In front of counters in area B

2.North pier

3.Arrivals - Passport Control Area

4.Arrivals - Baggage Claim Area

Tel: +962 79 7088869
Fax: +962 6 401059
Working Hours: 24/7
Car Rentals
  AVIS Public landside- Arrivals.  
  Budget Public landside- Arrivals  
  Euroup Car Public landside- Arrivals  
  Hertz Public landside- Arrivals  
  National Almo Public landside- Arrivals  
  Thrifty Public landside- Arrivals.  
  Payless Public landside- Arrivals. Tel: +962 79 779 1199
Web site:
Food & Beverage
  1. Grab & Fly Cafe
Public landside- departure  
  1. World news Cafe
  1. In front of RJ Check-in counters.
  2. North pier-Departure
  1. Shawarma rama
Central Area-Departure  
  1. Jareer
Central Area-Departure  
  1. Brasserie & Bar
Central Area-Departure  
  1. Catalina Café & Bar
South Pier- Departure  
  Popeyes Central Area-Departure  
  Macdonald's Central Area-Departure  
  Kalha Central Area-Departure  
  1. Central Area-Departure
  2. Public landside - Arrival
Email: -
Working Hours: 24 hours
  Crumz South Pier- Departure Tel: +962 6 4205128
Working Hours: 24 hours
  Freeze Creamey Central Area-Departure  


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